5 Must-try French Fries in Charleston

Whether you like them deep fried, baked or sweet - french fries are the classic side dish that complete a meal. We went around to get-to-know five of the best deep fried spuds in the Lowcountry.

The Macintosh

The Lowcountry’s french fry master is Chef Jeremiah Bacon. Bacon first brought his signature Parmesan Truffle Fries at Carolina’s – at The Macintosh he continued to perfect his french fry dish. At the Macintosh, he created the Pecorino Truffle Fries. Perfectly salty, crispy & gourmet.

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Tattooed Moose

Tattooed Moose’s fries are deep fried in duck fat – you read right. The duck fat amplifies the french fry flavor to the max. If you’re feeling crazy, you can ask for their version served with a bulb of roasted garlic and blue cheese sauce. Yum.

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Sesame Burgers and Beer

French fries aren’t just made from regular spuds anymore – hello sweet potato fries! Sesame Burger’s ‘Sweet ‘n’ Blue’ is their unique sweet potato french fry dish. The recipe calls for them to broiled with blue cheese, scallion, crispy prosciutto and red wine reduction. The perfect combination of sweet and salty for sure!

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Boxcar Betty’s

Like we mentioned, don’t forget sweet potato fries!  Boxcar Betty’s sweet potato fries are a crispy sweet dessert. With cinnamon sugar mixed in and honey mustard dipping sauce – no need to get dessert after your meal.

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Five Guys

While they may be a chain, their fries are still pretty dang good. You have to admit, even though it’s a greasy in the brown bag – the feeling you get to find all the hidden french fries at the bottom of the bag is such a great feeling. Another plus, you can dress up or down when devouring that FG burger and endless fries. Now the question is… where’s my sweat pants?

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Where’s your favorite spot to get fries in the Lowcountry?