5 Places to Get Savannah’s Famous GREEN Grits for St. Patrick’s Day!

5 Places to Get Savannah’s Famous GREEN Grits

If you're headed to Savannah for the big St. Patrick's Day parade, these better be on the menu! Grits are a staple dish to serve at any Southern breakfast and for this special holiday, grits served in Savannah get dyed green! It’s one of the many long standing traditions that makes St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah so special. Since there are many places that participate in this tradition, here are a few that you can count on to have the dish that you are looking for:

The Pirates' House

Located on East Broad St., the Pirates’ House serves an annual St. Patrick’s Day breakfast that includes the famous green grits. It gives visitors the opportunity to go to one of Savannah’s most well-known restaurants while also getting to try this famous dish.

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The Rail Pub

This Irish pub is known as the best dive bar in Savannah, The Rail Pub hosts a Kegs and Eggs party that gives you a complete breakfast (including the green grits) just by buying one drink. It’s best to get there before the parade begins!

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The Desoto

The Desoto hotel hosts an annual Irish breakfast that includes green grits. This is a private event where buying tickets in advance is necessary. However, tickets include an all-day wristband for bathroom use that could come in handy as the day goes on. 

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The Collins Quarter

Another private event is hosted at Collins Quarter where you can get great parade-route seating while enjoying a food buffet and an open bar. The purchase of advanced tickets is required here as well but at least your St. Patrick’s day events will be set in stone.

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Known as the best karaoke bar in Savannah, McDonough’s Restaurant and Lounge serves authentic Irish food as well as American favorites. With a bar and Irish music on St. Patrick’s Day, it’s the perfect place to celebrate the holiday. While it’s unclear whether or not they serve green grits, they are opening early to serve a special breakfast buffet just for St. Patrick’s Day.

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