Bitty & Beau’s celebrates one year anniversary

We’re not talking about the taste when we say this is likely the sweetest cup of coffee you can find in the Lowcountry. Bitty & Beau’s Coffee, located on Church Street just off Market has made a name for themselves, not just because of the delicious coffee and treats they sell, but also the staff that serves it.

(Source: Bitty & Beau’s Coffee)

Co-founders, Amy and Ben Wright saw a need and Bitty & Beau’s was their way to meet it. They are the parents of four children, the two youngest of which, Bitty and Beau, have Downs Syndrome. 80% of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) are unemployed nationwide and the Wrights are hoping to change that. Bitty & Beau’s now employs more than 60 people with IDD at their shops in Charleston, Wilmington, NC and Savannah, GA.

According to their website, “Bitty & Beau’s Coffee creates a culture where diversity is not just appreciated, it’s celebrated.” Celebrating is exactly what they did as their Charleston shop turned one! Their anniversary celebration put their employees in the spotlight. Each one was recognized and many delivered speeches. Mayor Tecklenburg joined the party and helped hand out cake. There was, of course, lots of dancing, hugs and high fives.

(Source: Bitty & Beau’s Coffee)


Bitty & Beau’s has been featured on The Today Show, Rachael Ray, CNN, Harry, Good Morning America, Dr. Oz, HLN, People Magazine and Southern Living Magazine. Founder, Amy Wright, was named 2017 CNN Hero of the Year.