Check out these historical sites and win prizes!

Looking for a fun way to learn more about the Lowcountry? Then check out the Marker Mania Challenge from the Beaufort Historical Society. It’s a safe way to get out of the house, step back in history and win prizes!

Think you can visit all 61 historical markers in Beaufort County before August 31st? Give it a try! And even if you can’t you could still win! Your name will still be entered into a raffle drawing for prizes if you can at least visit 30 sites. And all school age children who participate will get a gift certificate for a sweet treat!

These historical markers commemerate events throughout Beauforts History; spanning the Colonial Era, the American Revolution, the Civil War, Reconstruction and beyond. They can be found in Bluffton, Beafort and on Daufuskie and Hilton Head Islands.

Register for Free and download the “tally sheet” complete with locations and questions here.