Be the life of the Party! Ways to Survive your office’s Christmas Party.

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It happens every year. The announcements are made to break out the Christmas sweaters and gather around for the annual Christmas party! But for some, it could be terrifying. Instead of trying to survive the holiday party – here are some tips to help you be the LIFE of the party.

  • Don’t be shy! Get into the conversations. It could seem like hiding away is safer than being the center of attention. But there is much more safety in being in the middle of the room. That’s where most of the conversation takes place.
  • Challenge yourself! While you’re putting yourself subtly out there, get to know someone new that you aren’t used to talking to. You can start by talking to co-workers you know and allowing yourself to invite people in. By using some of the conversations you overhear, it can be motivating to strike up your own.
  • Be gracious, a lot of thought went into this party! The office party was created to be a way for you and your coworkers to have a laid back, work-free time together. Take advantage by getting to know those around you, tasting the Christmas treats, and participating in fun activities like Secret Santa. There’s nothing greater than seeing the look on your co-workers face when you surprise them with a small gift they didn’t expect.
  • What will you wear? Break out the Pinterest Boards and plan your entrance accordingly. You must be ready for all of those group photos (and even candid shots you weren’t prepared for).