Come face to face with “Monsters” at SC Aquarium

Monsters: From Micro to Mega
Courtesy: SC Aquarium

The South Carolina Aquarium will launch a brand new experience during July 4 weekend, ‘ “Monsters: From Micro to Mega”. This Aquarium-wide exhibit will highlight an array of species that call South Carolina home and demonstrate how “monsters” that may be considered scary are vital our to everyday life.

One highlight of the “Monsters” experience includes a 12-foot-tall praying mantis that greets you as you enter the Mountain Forest, where you will begin a journey of learning about the insects. In another gallery, guests will encounter the inspiration for the kraken, a giant squid made up of nearly 1,000 recycled plastic bottles and spanning nearly 40 feet, aimed at raising awareness of the monstrous impact plastic pollution has on our oceans.

Nigel Bowers and Drew Heyward with Giant Squid Courtesy: SC Aquarium

“Monsters” has been in the works for 8 months and features galleries throughout the Aquarium where staff have creatively incorporated everyday items, such as bamboo skewers and plastic water bottles, as building blocks for some of the installations.

“Monsters: From Micro to Mega”
Megalodon jaw  Courtesy: SC Aquarium

“Monsters: From Micro to Mega” opens Saturday, July 4. To learn more and purchase tickets, visit

July is also Member Month at the Aquarium, and guests can enjoy $15 off an annual membership with the code SCA20 at Members will also enjoy exclusive access to the Aquarium on Monday mornings throughout the month with an opportunity to meet the makers of the “Monsters” experience.

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