Get a taste of the Caribbean at the Rum Rootz Fest

Get a taste of the Caribbean at the Rum Rootz Fest!

On Oct. 20 from 4 p.m. – 8 p.m. you can enjoy an evening of food, beer, coffee, live entertainment, and of course, rum. Spend your evening sipping rum paired with samples of Caribbean food and enjoying Caribbean music.

Rum is celebrated in the Caribbean. Whether it be for drinks, cooking, or just medical purposes, it’s an important part of their culture.

Attendees are encouraged to wear Halloween costumes or pirate outfits. The individual with the best Halloween costume will win $50, and the individual with the best pirate outfit will win $50, so be sure to dress your best!

Admission is $40 for a single ticket and $70 for a couple. Tickets include ten rum drink tickets, sipping rum samples, rum cocktails, small plates from Caribbean food vendors, and live entertainment.

Also, by purchasing a ticket, you are supporting the Shelton Project. The Shelton Project is an organization that aims to provide healthcare, improve learning and learning environment, help children with nutrition, and increase physical activity.

The Rum Rootz Fest will take place at the new event space, The Schoolhouse, at 720 Magnolia Rd.  For updates, check out the event Facebook page. For more details and to buy tickets, visit their website here.