Good Food for a Good Cause at the 20th Annual Chef’s Feast

Some of the Lowcountry’s best restaurants set up shop to help out the hungry at the annual Chef’s Feast. You can join the main event 6 P.M. Sunday, February 10th at the North Charleston Convention center.

For twenty years The Lowcountry Food Bank has partnered with local chefs to throw a huge fundraising event. Chef’s volunteer their time to come up with unique and delicious small dishes for the attendees to try out some the Lowcountry’s best cuisine. The proceeds go to help provide meals to 200,000 food-insecure children and adults along South Carolina’s coastal counties.
The tickets aren’t cheap, but neither is dinner at a fancy downtown restaurant, and entry gets you access to food from nearly 30 renowned chefs. Plus $1 donated to the food bank creates 6 donated back to someone in the community, so don’t feel too bad about stuffing your face.