Gullah Culture: 15th Annual Sweetgrass Festival

The 15th annual Sweetgrass Festival is intended to celebrate and recognize the contributions of the Gullah culture, history, traditions, and art form of the Sweetgrass baskets!


(Source: Live 5 News)

Sweetgrass baskets were brought into the Lowcountry by the west Africans in the 17th century, and the Sweetgrass basket has become a Lowcountry trademark. In 2006, Governor Jim Hodges made the Sweetgrass basket art form an official art form of South Carolina.


The event will have entertainment and activities, it will also showcase baskets made by local basket makers.  There will be many baskets up for purchase at the event!


Event details

July 13th, 2019

Mt. Pleasant Memorial Waterfront

99 Harry Hallman Jr. blvd

10am – 3pm