Healthy Eating: The secret to the Magic Green Sauce

It's magically healthy!

We teamed up with Charleston Wine + Food and Basic Kitchen’s Executive Chef, Nick Wilbur, to create the Magic Green Sauce you’ve been missing on your healthy dishes!

Magic Green

935 G White Miso Whole brick
900 G Apple Cider Vinegar
880 G Water
250 G Honey
370 G Lemon Juice
500 G Lime Juice
650 G Tahini
300 G Cilantro
250 G Scallion
775 G Spinach
  • Whisk together miso, vinegar, water, honey, lemon, lime, tahini
  • Combine greens
  • Blend greens with liquids well in Vitamix

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Text and video created in partnership with our friends at Charleston Wine + Food