Candy Companies Releasing Hot Cocoa Inspired Treats!

Tis’ the season for warm, hot cocoa, or at least savory chocolate treats! Several chocolate companies are skipping ahead to Christmas feels with new holiday-inspired treats.

M&M’s fans will be thrilled to know that a new flavor is coming to town. Hot Cocoa M&M’s were recently announced as part of Target’s exclusive line up of holiday candy for the year. The M&M’s will be milk chocolate based on the outside… but filled with a white chocolate marshmallow-flavored center, giving it an authentic taste. Even the colors of the candy will mimic the chocolatey cup with the colors of the tiny candies being marshmallow and chocolate colored on the outside.

Speaking of tiny treats – what about hot cocoa flavored kisses? Hershey’s is launching their own version of the holiday treat. And expect a sweet surprise – the tiny kisses will be filled with marshmallow filling.

Dove is also releasing a version of the treat with their own Hot Cocoa candy. It will be another exclusive treat to hit only the shelves of Target this year. The chocolate candy will feature a milk chocolate outside, and a marshmallow flavored center.