How hospitality workers can get one week of free groceries!

Businesses across the Lowcountry have had shut down in the wake of the pandemic. The hospitality industry too has shuttered its doors. This has affected the livelihoods of many workers. Therefore several organizations, from Southern Eagle Distributing, Michelob Ultra, Louieā€™s Kids and The MatchingFund, have created a fundraiser for the staff members impacted by this change.

Together, they raised 35,000 dollars. Now hospitality workers of any level in the industry can apply to get a piece of these funds. If you work in hospitality, you can apply to get fifty dollars from the fundraiser. It will come in the form of a gift card to your preferred grocery story. Through this, the organizations hope to provide workers in need with at least a week’s worth of food.

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If you qualify, go here! Then fill out the application. All verified hospitality workers will receive $50.