Kid Cashew brings a taste of Fresh to the Lowcountry

A mouthful of fresh is the main course of this Charlotte-based restaurant: Kid Cashew. The restaurant has expanded to the Lowcountry, taking its place in Mount Pleasant. Those with Kid Cashew describe the place itself as a “wood-fire grill inspired by farmers, butchers, and the Mediterranean.” So it’s no wonder that Charleston, SC is the newest home of the restaurant. With an appreciation for local farmers and produce through dozens of businesses and farmers markets around the area, those living in the Holy City could also appreciate the many dishes offered. The motto for the restaurant is “eat what you crave”, offering a place you can enjoy Mediterranean inspired dishes and the beauty of Charleston. While Kid Cashew specialized in small plates, they all serve up big, bold, flavors. On their expansive menu, you can find everything from lamb, to big mac daddy burgers, local seafood, and off the grill favorites such as prime rib eye and sausage. Each bite will be made fresh as the restaurant doesn’t use any fryers, heat lamps, or microwaves.

If you’re looking to try the place out, be sure to visit their website: and take a look at their full menu.