Mexican + Sushi Inspired Restaurant to Call King Street Home


(Source: Benjamin Quarles)

Hold on to your taste buds because it’s time to explore a deliciously new concept that’s coming to the Lowcountry! MESU, a Mexican + Asian fusion restaurant, will be opening in early August on Upper King. Here’s what you can expect: Mexican dishes joined by sushi. Of course, there’s going to be tequila and sake because, DUH!

Located next to its sister restaurant, Bourbon N’ Bubbles,¬† MESU will offer dishes like clothespin tacos filled with barbacoa braised beef, smoked gouda, pickled vegetables, pumpkin seeds, and salsa verde. Some of the sushi rolls will include fish flown in from Hawaii daily, sesame glazes, and of course, avocado.

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Your glass won’t be empty either. MESU will have a full bar with a unique list of sake, tequila, and attractive cocktails will accompany the eclectic food menu, too!

Location Р570 King St.,Chareston , SC 29403