Enjoy These Cold, Sweet Frappes!

With summer temperatures still sticking around the Lowcountry, what's a more perfect way to beat the heat than a nice frappe? Starbucks has dozens of sweet frappe recipes! Check out some of the sweet treats you need to try to celebrate the occasion! Happy sipping!

Pumpkin Spice Frappucino

Can’t get enough of the #PumpkinSpice? Starbucks has brought back their famed Pumpkin Spice Frappucino. Traditional fall spice flavors are blended with your traditional coffee and topped with whipped cream and more pumpkin pie spice. Be sure to grab yours at any Starbucks store!

Maple Pecan Frappucino

The Maple Pecan Frappucino is also a recipe introduced for Fall. The treat comes together with notes of maple, pecan, and brown butter. The creamy recipe is topped with a swirl of whipping cream, and a sugar topping.

Serious Strawberry Frappucino

It’s time to get serious about Starbucks’ Serious Strawberry Frappucino! This treat is for those with a serious sweet tooth. It’s blended with a strawberry puree and combined with milk, and vanilla whipped cream.

Ultra Caramel Frappucino

Are you all about the caramel? Go ultra with the Ultra Caramel Frappucino! Dark caramel and White chocolate are blended with whipped cream infused with a cold brew. Layers of those toppings ensure each sip is as good as the last.

Matcha Green Tea Frappucino

We can’t forget the tea lovers! The matcha green tea frappucino is just that in tea form. It features a blend of sweetened matcha green tea, milk and ice. Matcha has a distinctive deep taste, and is packed with antioxidants to help boost metabolism and burn calories!