Lowcountry Exotic Eats from Food Trucks and More

Charleston's famous for down-home southern cooking but you can find nearly any kind of cuisine if you're willing to look around town. Here are a few pop-up restaurants and food trucks serving up food from different parts of the world here in the Lowcountry.

Uni Ramen

2 Nixons

Korean and Japanese inspired dishes.
2 Nixons is a pop-up shop, not one of our food trucks, but you can find them all around the Charleston area.  Look them up online and you’ll see rave reviews for ramen and yakitori, plus an ever-changing menu made from delicious ingredients.  More importantly, they tend to set up shop at bars and breweries so chances are you’ll find something good to drink along with your meal.

Check out their Facebook page

Ropa vieja topped with green olives and sweet plantains

Charleston Caribbean Creole Food Truck

A taste of the Caribbean islands right here.
Charleston Caribbean Creole’s menu is a mouthwatering list of fried goodies, po’boys, tacos, of course, jerk chicken, and their own special shrimp crab rice.  Since they’re very active around the whole Lowcountry you can head to their website for a calendar of locations. Plus you can even invite them over for some event catering!

Look here to see where they're parked today

Roti Rolls

Roti Rolls claims to be the first food truck on the road in Charleston.
The food inside runs from southern pulled pork and braised short ribs to curried veggies with pickled beets all wrapped up in a convenient Roti bread, also called Chipati. So that makes for a whole different kind of wrap.

Check out their website to find the truck

Bun Cha Glo

Pink Bellies

Vietnamese food can be hard to find in the Lowcountry.
But you can find some awesome noodle bowls and more from the people at Pink Bellies. They had to sell their food truck last year, but they are posted up in a pop-up at Workshop on King Street until mid-October 2018. What comes next? We’ll have to wait and see.

See their website and social media for what comes next

Duck Tacos


Asian and Latin cuisines are combined.
You can spot the Dashi truck somewhere different almost every day here around the Lowcountry. Because of their inspiration the menu can be a little different, expect things as varied as duck tacos, bbq steamed buns, and curry shrimp & grits.

Location and menu on their website

You never know where something delicious will pop-up in the Lowcountry!