Secret is Out: Order These Secret Menu Items

We all have our favorite fast food restaurants. What you need to know is that you aren't just limited to the menu you see in front of you. We've uncovered (and maybe even tried) some of the most popular secret menu items at your favorite places! It's time to dig in!

McDonald's Surf & Turf

You don’t have to make the tough decision between a burger and a fish sandwich. This is a McBurger Supreme and a Filet-O-Fish sandwich!


photo credit @arvonfernandez/Instagram

McDonald's Mc[not family friendly]

You’ve probably heard the term, but this is a family website, so… This is what happens when the McChicken sandwich and a double cheeseburger join forces.

photo credit @bobbo_likes_it/Intagram

Five Guys Fatty Melt

This has to be the ultimate melt sandwich. It’s a burger between two grilled cheese sandwiches. Cheese lovers rejoice!

photo credit @kikaygirl26/Instagram

Chipotle Nachos

It’s your favorite Chipotle ingredients on nachos!

photo credit @f_isforfoodie/Instagram

Burger King Veggie Whopper

Swap that Burger King beef patty for a veggie patty!

photo credit @loweihsun/Instagram

Taco Bell Enchirito

Yes, you can have a burrito and an enchilada at the same time. Thank us later.

photo credit @timmytoons/Instagram

Burger King Suicide Burger

You might want to have a doctor on call for this one – four beef patties, a stack of cheese slices, and bacon make this burger a challenge like none other.

photo credit @thehoodfoodie/Instagram

Wendy's Meat Cube

I guess if you really love meat shaped like a cube…

photo credit @lagorphen/Instagram

McDonald’s Grilled Cheese

It’s always a good time to have a good ol’ grilled cheese sandwich!

Now, you've got the key to ordering the wildest fast-food items in your dreams! Which ones are you trying?