Spoleto Comes to a Close at Riverfront Park



Come enjoy the Spoleto Finale on Sunday June 9!

Gates open at 5:00pm
The Artisanals: 6:00pm
Benny Starr: 7:00pm
Curtis Harding: 8:30pm

This event is rain or shine. Parking will be available: $10 CASH

Picnic or Food Truck? That is the Question.

Grab your picnic and meet us by the river!

Or, indulge in the delicious food and drink this event has to offer. Vintage Lounge will be onsite with a refreshing selection of wine and beer available for purchase. Food trucks, including Roti Rolls, First Name Basis, and Holy Rolly Charleston will also be at the event.

Tickets, tickets, tickets!

General admission is $35

Tickets for seniors and military are $31.50

Tickets for children (ages 6 to 12) are $15, and children ages 5 and under are admitted free of charge!


Click here to purchase tickets!

Curtis Harding

Harding describes his genre as “slop ‘n’ soul”, joining soul music with blues, gospel, psychedelia, R&B, and rock. “Slop” symbolizes Southern culture (that’s what you give to pigs), and soul represents the music of his youth. His musical style has elements that are not usually found in soul, like synthesizers and a psychedelic feel. With deep guitars, beefy rhythm section and plush keys and sax, this is a unit built for sonorousness. But making it all smolder is Harding’s rich voice, an athletic balance of young vigor and sweet wear. The sum total is a thing of velvet and muscle

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The Artisanals

Following the cues of the universe, Johnny, Clay, Eric, and Josh are crisscrossing the country in their trusty Miravanti, crashing on couches of friends and recent strangers, loading in and out of clubs and venues, and bringing their explosive live show to stages of all sizes. They are missionaries of rock n’ roll; performing The Artisanals gospel and turning on fans each night. This is the sound of the road; of heartache and good times; of an old classic and a new favorite. This is The Artisanals.

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Benny Starr

Through his masterful flow, lyricism, and magnetic stage presence, Pineville, South Carolina’s Benny Starr is an artist both timeless, and perfectly poised for his time and place. His record has been described as “a soul and R&B sample-infused effort that showcased the emcee’s formidable technical skills and keen political and social consciousness, music that harkens back to hip-hop titans Nas and Talib Kweli.”

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