Where to find Chocolate Chip Cookies in town

Who doesn't like a small dessert with a meal? Without a doubt, cookies are the best treat after a good meal. We searched around town to find out who's got some good chocolate chip cookies in the Lowcountry.


Kaminsky’s makes decadent desserts all day, everyday. Kaminsky’s serves their chocolate chip cookies as is – but they’re best known to serve their chocolate chip cookies with some sass. Does their chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich with extra chocolate drizzle make you drool?

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King Street Cookies

We have to pay homage to the cookie makers in town. King Street Cookies is an old-fashioned cookie shop that offers a variety of creative cookie flavor combinations & seasonal sweets. Their cookies, no matter what season – never disappoint.

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WildFlour Pastry

We love WildFlour Pastry’sĀ out of the box pastries & desserts. Their cookies are just as unique as everyone else’s on our list – but we give major kudos for WildFlour’s gluten free cookies!

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Cookies at a salad joint? Yes – it’s balance. Verde believes in treating yo self and we believe the same! Since an effort was made to have a salad for lunch, a cookie is allowed. Verde brags on their sea-sale chocolate chip cookies – saying that they are addicting.

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Sugar Bakeshop

Last but not least, Sugar Bakeshop’s cookies are fresh and always made from scratch. Their cookies are the perfect pick-me-up to your day.

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That's the way the cookie crumbles! Where's your favorite place to grab a chocolate chip cookie?