Work out your post-holiday stress at this rage room!

You’ve heard of escape rooms and ax-throwing but what about rage rooms? Charleston’s newest rage room, The Breaking Point, is the perfect place to work out some of your post-holiday stress.

Give me something to break!
Want to hurl bottles at a target, smash a window with a baseball bat or take a crowbar to a refrigerator? You can! The Breaking Point offers several packages which are sure to fit your need to break stuff. One of the most interesting packages is the BYOB or Bring Your Own Box. YOU bring in the items you want to break. A gift from an ex? That printer that never works right? You choose what fuels your rage!

And you don’t have to be angry or in need of stress relief to enjoy a rage room. It’s a great way to enjoy time with friends or bond with co-workers.

Every session comes with a room jam packed with things to smash, enough space to make sure nobody gets smashed and head to toe safety gear.

If you are ready to book your rage session, click here to find out how it works. The Breaking Point is located at 1070 Jenkins Rd. #103 in West Ashley.