You’ll Want to Tour the Lowcountry with this Group

Let the Pineapple Tour Group do the driving while you relax as 300 years of history passes by your window

Pineapple Tour Group

You’ll want to tour the Holy City with the Pineapple Tour Group. With their walking and bus tours, you’ll get to experience Charleston by seeing and learning about the historic streets, beautiful buildings, and churches right there in the Lowcountry!

Bus Tours

A live guide will escort you and your group as you all relax as 300 years of history appear right before your eyes. There’s so much to see and learn! No worries, there’s also a private tour option!

Walking Tours

A walk through Charleston:  A Walk Through Charleston is a comprehensive overview of Charleston history through the centuries. Charleston was founded in 1670 and quickly developed into the most cosmopolitan seaport on the continent. Walk with the Pineapple Tour Group and learn about bawdy taverns & pirates, heroic patriots, the grandeur of antebellum architecture, the devastation of the Civil War, and much more. History will come alive as you stroll through the historic streets and gardens of the “Holy City.”

Charleston at War: This is the only tour in Charleston that focuses specifically on and combines the many conflicts that Charleston has played a vital role in. From its earliest colonial days, Charleston has been a part of some of the most important and consequential battles in American history. On this tour, a guide will discuss foreign invasions, Indian wars, slave revolts, pirate blockades, the origin of the Revolutionary War in the South, and of course the birth of the Civil War! If you or someone in your group is a military history buff, this is tour is for you!

Private Tours: Whether you’ve visited Charleston many times or if this is your first trip to the Holy City, a private tour is the best way for you and your group to experience a one-to-one experience with our talented historians. The Pineapple Tour Group wants to tailor experiences to fit their guest’s interests. Pineapple Tour Group can accommodate a group for every occasion.

Middleton Place

Pineapple Tour Groups is partnered with Middleton Place and this is a pretty sweet deal! Middleton Place National Historic Landmark is a place where the past greets the present on garden paths more than a quarter millennium old. Nestled along the Ashley River, Middleton Place’s 110 acres include 65 acres of America’s oldest landscaped gardens, a House Museum, Plantation Stableyards, Restaurant, Inn and Organic Farm. Wait…there’s more. When you tour with this group, they will feed you! You’ll get the opportunity to eat at the award-winning restaurant.

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Information provided by Pineapple Tour Group | Video created in partnership with our friends Charleston Locals