Here’s how to recycle your Christmas tree

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - If your family enjoyed a live Christmas tree as part of this year’s decorations, here’s what you should know when it’s time to remove the tree.

Dorchester County encourages residents to safely dispose of Christmas trees before they dry out and become a fire hazard for your home.

Before you recycle Christmas trees and greenery, Charleston County’s Environmental Management Department says you should remove all decorations, including lights, tinsel, ornaments, nails, stands and any other non-organic materials that are not part of the original tree.

Some municipalities will pick up trees at the curb but the trees can also be taken to a convenience center.

In Charleston County, trees picked up curbside are taken to the McGill Bees Ferry Compost Facility to be ground and composted.

In Dorchester County, residents who live in the city of North Charleston or the Town of Summerville can place their trees curbside for pick-up as part of their regularly scheduled curbside yard debris removal service. North Charleston and Summerville residents should place trees near the right-of-way and should be mindful not to place trees in the streets or block fire hydrants, mailboxes or driveways.

Don not burn Christmas trees in a fireplace or wood burning stove because that could cause a buildup of creosote which could cause a chimney fire.

You should check your county’s holiday schedules before taking your tree to a convenience center. Some are closed until Monday because of the holiday.

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