Spoleto Festival kicks off its 46th season

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - America’s premier performing arts festival, the Spoleto Festival, is making its return to the city.

After two years of restrictions from COVID-19, the Spoleto Festival is back in full swing for its 46th season.

Starting on Friday, attendees can witness the sights and sounds of Spoleto, Italy in downtown Charleston through opera, theater, dance and a variety of music performances. These all take inspiration from the Festival of Two Worlds, which was originated in Spoleto, Italy.

Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg believes an increase in exposure to the arts is beneficial to the community.

“A connection with the universal, a connection with God, with the spirit,” Tecklenburg said. “Art does that for our community and when you bring so much of it together in such a comprehensive way, it can really uplift us personally and uplift the community as well.”

This year, the festival is in new hands under general director Mena Mark Hanna.

Tecklenburg elaborates on what the audience has to look forward to at the festival.

“An amazing lineup of artistic endeavors from dance to opera, to jazz to symphony, to chamber music to visual arts,” Tecklenburg said. “It’s the world’s most comprehensive arts festival in the world right here in Charleston.”

The Spoleto Festival will take place from May 27 through June 12.

To find tickets or check out the schedule, visit the Spoleto Festival USA website for more information.

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