Discover world-class fun at SK8 Charleston

CHARLESTON, S.C. (Lowcountry Weekend) - SK8 Charleston is very special not only to the Charleston skateboarding community, but also to skaters all over the world! In fact, this awesome 32,000-square foot skate park was a practice site for Olympian Bombette Martin, who competed for Great Britain in the 2021 Summer Games. Whether you’re a veteran skater or a newbie inspired by those shredding Olympians, you’ll find plenty of gold-level fun at SK8 Charleston!

1. 200+ foot long snake run that funnels down into a 9-foot deep pocket lined with Federal Stone pool block

2. Pro bowl with an 11.5-foot deep end (18 in. of vert), an 8-foot deep side pocket (6 in. of vert) and a 6-foot deep shallow end

3. Intermediate bowl with a 7-foot deep end and a 5-foot shallow end

4. Both bowls adorned with Tedder Stone pool coping

5. Street course is over 315-feet long and contains three pieces of “skate art” and three pieces of granite

6. Fully accessible with raised building and large viewing deck

7. Skate shop, food and drink concessions

8. Restrooms

9. Covered and uncovered seating

Grind for Life!

On October 1, Grind for Life - a nationally recognized street and bowl skateboarding contest - rolls into SK8 Charleston! Skaters and spectators can look forward to a busy day of street and bowl jams. The GFL Series is a national, all ages and skills skateboarding contest series benefiting the Grind for Life Organization, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that assists cancer patients with travel expenses.