2,400 Free Throws in 24 Hours!

The 3rd annual “Nothing but Net” free throw marathon is back! Charleston’s own ESPN and CBS basketball analyst Debbie Antonelli will once again shoot hoops on her “home court” to raise awareness and funds for Special Olympics South Carolina at 24 Hours of Nothing but Net. Starting at noon on Saturday, May 15, Debbie will kick off her 24-hour free throw marathon from her driveway. The entire event will be live streamed on YouTube.

In two years “Team Antonelli” has raised more than $210,000 for Special Olympics South Carolina. You can support Debbie and 30,000 Special Olympic Athletes by donating online: www.24hoursNBN.com.  This year , Debbie is expanding the event and recruited free throw shooters in Oregon and Rhode Island to help out.

(Source; Live 5)
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