5 Worldly Cuisines on James Island

Experience a world of wonderful cuisine without leaving the island!

(source : Zia Taqueria)

Zia Taqueria

Savor these dips!

From Queso and salsa to guacamole and spicy jalapeno relish…Chef Kevin Grant loves the Tex Mex, Mexican, and Southwestern cuisine! His culinary expertise was cultivated during the time he spent in Albuquerque and the Sandia Mountains. This buzzing cantina provides booth, bar, and patio seating.  Sit back and enjoy a signature margarita or cocktail with friends. You can also make a meal of it with the pollos verde, sauteed shrimp and frijoles negros or any of these other wonderful dishes!


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(source: Crust)


It is all about the wood-fired oven!

Get ready for the fresh, simple and locally sourced or made from scratch ingredients that make these Italian style dishes delightful. Executive Chef, Dusty Chorvat has traveled from east coast to west coast to learn the culinary art of farm-fresh and organic cuisine. From the Arancini and Antipasto Plate to the Local Shrimp Cavatelli and Bianca, your meal will not miss! The craft beer, cocktails, and Italian wine options make this a perfect place for happy hour.



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Kwei Fei

Delight in these spices!

Let this cuisine take you back to the 8th century during the Tang Dynasty in western China. The ancient love story of the last consort of the dynasty Yang Kwei Fei inspired Chef David Shuttenberg. His vast vast study of all types of cuisine and interest in ancient China has given him the knowledge to combine his art of cooking with his personality. From sesame and chili to ginger and garlic, these dishes have a delightful taste.


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(source: Baguette Magic)

Baguette Magic

Fantastically French baguettes and croissants!

Mathieu grew up in the town of Villers-Cotterets on the french countryside where his love of cooking was born. Each croissant and baguette is made from scratch, freshly baked and kneaded using organic milk, real butter, eggs, natural flours, yeast and sea salt. By respecting the traditional, handmade technique you will feel like you flew to Paris, without going through security.


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Athens Restaurant and Grill

Olive oil is essential!

Born and raised in Greece, brothers George and Vasilios came to the United States as young men and opened Athens Restaurant and Grill in the 1980s. Their welcoming, family-friendly environment makes for a wonderful dinner option with the kids.  From the Mezes Platter and Spanakopita to the Lavraki and Souvlaki, there is a little taste of Greece in each bite.


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