Beware of These Haunted Creatures Called Boo Hags

They are skinless creatures that look like raw meat

Stories of Boo Hags came to the Lowcountry from the traditions of Gullah culture.

Legends say the Boo Hag is a creature much like the European vampire, since it preys on the life force of human victims. Described as skinless, with glowing eyes, the monsters hide from sight during the day, or worse, walk around in the skin of a previous victim. They sit on the chest of sleeping people and steal the breath right out of a victim’s mouth. When a victim wakes they will feel tired, as if they’ve barely slept. But even more terrifying, if a victim wakes while the hag is feeding, they might be able to see the Boo Hag, but unable to move.

We talked to tour guide Randy Johnson about the Boo Hags at the Old City Jail. He has a description of the hideous creatures, some advice on how to spot them, and how you can get rid of one if it follows you.

(Yes, there is an ice cream truck in the background of the interview.)