Have we been eating our burgers the WRONG way?!?

Here are some burger-eating tips ... and some of them might surprise you.

Are you eating burgers wrong?


Apparently, there is an optimal way to consume a burger, and that there were particular steps to take to make that happen.

Wait, steps? How complicated does eating a burger have to be?

Well, thankfully, not very. For one thing, it’s not our place to tell anyone how to eat anything (except oysters … eat those raw). But for another, this new advice was pretty straightforward.

For example, the above video suggests that you don’t overload your burger with condiments, which is practical advice. You don’t want a huge mess and/or a burger that is overwhelmed in flavor by something like too much ketchup or mustard. And this is easy to achieve.

Another suggestion is to hold your burger a certain way (watch the video to see it demonstrated) … again, this doesn’t take some massive amount of planning. Just adjust your grip, and off you go!

Finally, don’t stress this. Yeah, you might be eating burgers wrong, but implementing a couple of changes could make all the difference.

Watch the video above for all of the burger-eating tips, and be sure to visit The Southern Weekend page if you want to sound off on these suggestions.

Happy eating!