What you need to have prepared in your Car before Hurricane Season

Hurricane season started June 1st. As you know, the Lowcountry is an area where hurricanes and tropical storms tend to come through. While hurricane season is underway in the Lowcountry - we want your car to be prepared before a storm hits. Cars can be very costly to replace or fix in the aftermath of a hurricane - here are some tips to keep in mind.

Make sure your car is in good, working condition

In the event you need to evacuate – you can leave no problem. Here are some things car owners to have the following checked out before a big storm:

  Antifreeze levels.

  • Battery and ignition system.
  • Brakes.
  • Exhaust system.
  • Fuel and air filters.
  • Heater and defroster.
  • Lights and flashing hazard lights.
  • Oil.
  • Thermostat.
  • Windshield-wiper equipment and washer fluid level.

Keep your gas tank full

If you’re one of those that has a habit of filling up until your tank reaches it’s all time low – during hurricane season, snap out of it! When there is word of a storm brewing, be conscious of your gas tank levels before it’s too late  – you don’t want to be waiting over an hour for your turn at the pump.

Know your Evacuation Route

In the event of a big storm, knowing your evacuation route will help get you somewhere safe quickly. Our friends at the South Carolina Emergency Management Division has this list of evacuation routes for the Lowcountry.

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What to do if you’re driving in still water

Sometimes you’ll find yourself having to travel at the wake of the storm. Don’t panic you’ll get through! Here are tips to safely get your vehicle through still water.

  • Turn your headlights on in the rain, but avoid using high beams.
  • Reduce your speed.
  • Increase the amount of space between your car and the vehicle in front of you.
  • Avoid using cruise control.
  • Keep a firm grip on the steering wheel in windy conditions.
  • Treat traffic signal blackouts like intersections with a four-way stop sign.

Protect your car(s) before the Hurricane.

Not all folks would like to or are able to evacuate. If one is to stay home during the storm – make sure you have your cars parked in a safe location on or near your home. If you have additional cars and don’t have the space to park them safely, check with  the city of Charleston and Charleston County online days before the storm. Many of the parking garages offer free parking through the duration of the storm.

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What are your best tips to stay prepared before a hurricane?